Barrow of the Forgotten King - GM Turn Post 10

Examination of the vault door in the northwest corner reveals that it has been spiked shut with some care. The door is somewhat ajar allowing air to pass through. It takes just over a minute for Thurstan, Torvald and Blunderbuss to free the spikes and remove the door.

Cowering within is a human girl who can only be Tyra Yurling based on the description received in Kingsholm. When she sees that the group are civilized races, the girl rushes into Torvalds arms burring her head to his breast and begins sobbing. She is terrified and in an obvious state of shock.

Banjo is able to determine that the sources of magic are 4 arrows carried by the skeletons and the 5 torches that light the mausoleum. He identifies the arrows as +1 Flaming arrows and the torches as Everburning Torches.

What do you do next?



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