Barrow of the Forgotten King - GM Turn Post 12

The group enters the mausoleum to resume their task, picking up at the eastern door. Clint re-examines the door but finds nothing new. Torvald opens the door to reveal the passageway beyond.

This passage has the statue of a human woman set in a niche on the northern wall. She is dressed in robes, and her arms and face are held upward as if toward the sky. On either side of her, fountains gurgle with what appears to be fresh water. The passage smells like rain.

Directly across the hall from the statue is a closed stone door, and father down the passage is an archway on the northern wall. Beyond the that archway , grave vaults like those you’ve seen before occupy all sides of the passage. Many have been opened and apparently looted.

What do you do next?

See the combat map for current positions.

Please submit your turn instructions using the Player Action Response – Turn Post Template.

Map Key:

  • Blue star is the human woman statue.
  • Blue arches are fountains.
  • Gray is the mausoleum floor.
  • Small white rectangles are doors.



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