Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 10

Tyra refuses to look at any of the bodies. She is clearly in a state of shock and wants desperately to get out of the tomb. Torvald takes her into the fresh air and the sun. The girl continues to cry. After she has cried herself out, Banjo is able to get her to reveal some details of what she remembers.

She, her mother and her father were preparing her grandfather for burial. Suddenly there was a load bang and monsters rushed into the tomb. Immediately they attacked. She heard her father shout and her mother scream. She ran and hid, trying to conceal herself in an empty vault. There were large humanoids that that appeared to be in charge. they shouted some things in a language that she did not understand. Quickly afterward some smaller humanoids slid the door over the vault where she was hiding and began to nail it shut. Based on the girl’s descriptions, Clint and Jean figure that the large humanoids were hobgoblins and the smaller were a type of goblin-kin known as varags.

Collecting the dead farmers and sentinels, the party heads back to Kingsholm with the survivor. It is a short walk back to town but the pace is slow given the burdens.

The mood at the Coronet and Cabbage is somber with the news. The townsfolk are glad to know the fate of the missing but horrified to hear how they met their end. Ian Turbrand thanks you for your efforts so far and the safe return of Tyra. As promised he pays each of you the 50 gold that had been previously promised.



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