Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 11

The group agrees to Ian’s offer and immediately begins making preparations to leave. Thurstan gathers everyone around and says a prayer over the dead and a blessing for the living. During the prayer, the cleric channels positive energy and heals his wolf, Banjo and Blunderbuss for 4.

After the group agrees to continue their investigation of the mausoleum, Banjo asks about the history of the graveyard and the mausoleum. He does not learn much new but Gran Stoutbrace reminisces about his ancestors who lived in the mountains to the north back before the silver played out, many, many years ago. He remembers hearing a story from his father talking about a series of tunnels under the nearby hills.

Torvald asks Ian for an advance on the completion of the mission. The innkeeper respectfully declines. The paladin takes his reward to buy some equipment. He also takes the shortbows to sell. The paladin fetches 45 gold for the bows and buys the supplies that he was looking for. When he meets up with the group, he hands out 7 gold coins and 5 silver to each member.

Clint seeks out the local cleric, Hergon Hilltopple, in search of holy water. Hergon is a cleric of Pharasma, goddess of fate, death, prophecy and birth. Apparently he is the only cleric living in town since the cleric of Sarenrae, goddess of the sun, redemption, honesty and healing, passed away and her acolyte moved to a larger congregation. He is usually shunned by the townsfolk but they will go to him in times of need for assistance as he is the only healer in town. The cleric has several holy waters for sale and is glad to arm the rogue against the undead, giving an extra vial above what Clint purchased.

When all preparations are made, the party departs. Once more they head north into the hills to the Kingsholm graveyard and the mausoleum within.



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