Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 7

The center Skeleton fired its shortbow at Torvald and missed the paladin. It stepped back to the north wall. Banjo moved forward and cast Mage Armor on Thurstan’s wolf. Jean attacked the zombie with both handaxes but missed. The left skeleton shot its shortbow at Blunderbuss and missed. It moved back to the north wall and to the right. Clint moved forward along the right wall using the tables as cover. The right skeleton shot its shortbow with a flaming arrow at Thurstan’s wolf. The arrow hit the wolf for a total of 10 damage between the arrow and fire. It moved back to the north wall. Torvald moved up to melee range with the right skeleton. Thurstan’s wolf moved to flank the zombie. It attacked with its bite, dealing 3 damage and tripping the undead. Thurstan attacked the zombie with his trident. The cleric landed a blow for 5 damage. Again the attack was not as deadly on the zombie as it would have been on a living opponent. The zombie lashed out at Thurstan from the ground but missed. Blunderbuss moved forward and attacked the zombie with the greataxe. The attack landed and the dealt 17 damage, killing the zombie.

See the combat map for current positions.



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