Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 8

The center skeleton fired its shortbow at Banjo but missed the sorcerer. It stepped to the left. Banjo cast an Acid Splash on the center skeleton, hitting for 1 damage. Jean moved to the skeleton on the left to engage it in melee. The ranger noticed that the lower vault door leading to A1 is slightly ajar and is spiked closed from the outside. The skeleton dropped its bow and attacked the ranger with its claws. One of the undead’s attacks struck home for 3 damage. Clint moved around the corner and examined the area to the east. He determined that the door was closed and that there were no additional enemies visible. The right skeleton dropped its bow and attacked Torvald with its claws. The monster missed with both attacks. The paladin returned the attack, hitting with his longsword. The blow was mighty but not as effective against an undead foe, dealing only 10 damage. Thurstan’s wolf maneuvered to attack the skeleton on the left but missed with its bite. The wolf caught the scent of a living human behind the lower vault door leading to A1. Thurstan channeled positive energy from Gozreh healing Banjo, Clint, Blunderbuss, Jean and his wolf up to 5 while damaging the skeletons. The skeleton to the right was destroyed and the other two took 5 damage and became frightened of the cleric. Blunderbuss moved forward to engage the remaining skeletons. The barbarian missed with his mighty greataxe.

See the combat map for current positions.



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