Barrow of the Forgotten King - Turn Results 9

The remaining skeletons are frightened and attempt to move away from Thurstan. Frightened did not mean helpless. The skeleton on the right attacked Blundrbuss with its claws but missed the barbarian. It then moved to the corner. Banjo cast a Detect Magic spell. The sorcerer sensed magic auras upon all five torches and the quivers of the three skeletons. Jean attacked the skeleton in the corner hitting with one of his handaxes but doing no damage. The remaining skeleton attacked Jean hitting with one of its claws for 5 damage. Clint moved to the east door and examined it. The elf determined that the door was unlocked and appeared to be untrapped. Tracks in the dust suggested recent traffic through the door. Torvald moved forward to attack the skeleton with an overhand chop power attack from his longsword. The paladin hit for 16 damage and destroyed the skeleton. Thurstan’s wolf bit the undead for 2 damage and tripped the monster. Thurstan stepped forward and delivered 3 damage with his trident. Blunderbuss stepped into the open square and power attacked the remaining skeleton with his greataxe. The barbarian shattered the skeleton in the corner with a hit for 16 damage.

Combat is concluded.



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