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  • Ian Turbrand

    Owner of the Coronet and Cabbage Inn in Kingsholm. He has hired the PCs to investigate the local graveyard and find out who or what is behind the disappearance of three townsfolk and two sentinels. Upon returning with

    Captain Mia Desarna

    She is the leader of the Kingsholm town guard which are called sentinels.

  • Hergon Hilltopple

    Cleric of Pharasma. He is the only cleric living in town since the cleric of Sarenrae, goddess of the sun, redemption, honesty and healing, passed away and her acolyte moved to a larger congregation. He is usually shunned by the towns folk but they will …

  • Tyra Yurling

    Survivor rescued from the mausoleum in the Kingsholm cemetery. Her parents we apparently killed and she was locked into a vault by grave robbers.

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